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Counseling is a confidential collaborative effort between the therapist and client. For that reason, its important to find a qualified, respectful, nurturing and individualized counselor for your situation. Our counselors specialize in many different areas and offer varying approaches based on your personality and specific needs. Counseling can focus on mental health issues such as depression, trauma or anxiety, but can also target other concerns, such as stress, anger or struggling with a change. 
After learning a little bit about you and your history, counseling begins with setting goals. What do you want from the therapy process? How will you know when you are done with counseling? What are your biggest concerns and how would you like to see them resolved? These are important questions to keep in mind when choosing a counselor and beginning the counseling process.
Once these questions have been answered, counseling moves toward a more fluid process of identifying barriers to meeting these goals, developing possible solutions, experimenting with these various solutions and tweaking your skills and abilities. This can involve developing better communication skills,  learning healthy coping skills, strengthening self-esteem, or promoting healthier behavior patterns, the goal being to decrease self-destructive patterns, improve relationships, resolve trauma or painful feelings, and more.
Our therapist provide nurturing support, education and feedback while modeling a healthy, positive therapeutic relationship. Our focus is on you, your experiences and your goals.