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Negative Sentiment Override Quiz



Relationships can be difficult to navigate. No matter how much you love your partner there will be conflict! You are two different people with differing needs, values, habits and desires. Every relationship has triggers that evoke unhealthy communication habits. Over time, these can lead to power struggles, which can create anger and resentment. Isolation and emptiness can creep in and negative emotions can begin to override positive sentiments and emotions in the relationship. The is referred to as Negative Sentiment Override and its an important indicator of your relationship's health. We welcome you to take the quiz for free: Negative Sentiment Override Quiz. Even if you score well, every relationship has triggers that evoke unhealthy communication habits. We offer a safe haven for couples to express their needs and fears, and learn to effectively resolve conflict. Couples sessions begin with an assessment of your relationship, including each individual's relationship history. We explore areas of satisfaction as well as identify each individual's areas of concern. We attempt to help you foster open, healthy and productive communication, and teach the needed skills for developing resolutions. Typical session activities include learning skills such as emotional regulation, setting and respecting boundaries, perspective taking, empathy, effective communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, negotiating and trust-building. Arguments and disagreements occur in even the happiest of relationships. Learning how to navigate these disagreements in healthy ways can only serve to strengthen your relationship. We want to partner with you in creating a happy, healthy, loving relationship!

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