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Infra-Slow Frequency Training

Infra-low Frequency Training involves direct training of brain wave function for the purpose of developing more efficient patterns of brain-wave activity. This improved self-regulation of brain-wave activity transfers into improved self-regulation of emotions, behaviors and cognitive functioning.

During Infra-Low Frequency Training, your brain-wave activity is monitored by placing sensors on the scalp. You are then provided live, real-time "feedback" regarding this activity, in the form of sound. You are instructed to relax and allow the process to happen. Usually, clients report a "more relaxed, but alert" feeling after their first training. We then add combinations of sites which have been shown to improve the particular symptoms reported by you. The goal is to reward a very low brain-wave frequency (.0001 to .0002 Hz) at sites specific to your symptoms and goal, so you can learn to produce more of this desired activity, when appropriate. Over time, your brain associates the preferred brain-wave activity with positive outcomes, which makes the particular brain-wave activity more readily available when needed. Typically clients must attend multiple sessions over an extended period of time for lasting benefits. 


Infra-Low Frequency training is our go-to training for anxiety and stress, but can also be very helpful for improving attention, depression, sleep problems, learning disabilities, OCD and many other types of issues.

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