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Individual Counseling


At Carter Counseling, we know that no matter the effort or motivation, sometimes individuals just can't seem to manage difficult situations or meet desired goals! Life can be difficult and overwhelming at times. Everyone needs additional support every now and then. Individual counseling is available to assist your healing and move you in a more positive direction.
How Therapy Can Help
Many of our clients struggle with mental health conditions that seem to overshadow every aspect of their lives, including relationships with family and loved ones. They frequently feel overwhelmed, discouraged, hopeless and alone. These conditions can include anxiety, trauma, depression, behavioral issues, divorce and many more. Other individuals are struggling in ways that are not as debilitating, but have still kept them from living their best life. No matter your concerns, our therapists are ready to listen to your specific needs and concerns. Individual therapy can help you cope throughout all walks of life. Our highly trained and skilled professional counselors have experience with a wide array of issues commonly faced by individuals. We work with adults, adolescents and children to help identify underlying contributors to symptoms, manage symptoms, recover from trauma, regulate moods and emotions, learn coping strategies, adjust to life changes, and facilitate personal growth
Our Counseling Intention
The decision to participate in therapy is an important step toward improving your mental and emotional health. We know it can be a little scary to talk to a complete stranger about the personal details of your life. That's why we strive to make therapy as unintimidating as possible. We begin by getting to know you, your past and current circumstances, and your desires. This allows us to tailor counseling to your individual personality and goals. We provide a safe place for you to explore virtually any aspect of your life, without any pressure or judgement. We encourage you to completely be yourself and we provide absolute confidentiality. Your well-being is our highest priority. 
If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, codependency, anger, stress, personal wellness, or with adjusting to life's circumstances, our therapists at Carter Counseling are eager to partner with you in creating a more happy, healthy, fulfilling life.
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