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Negative Sentiment Override Quiz


In the recent past in my relationship, generally I felt:

1.  Hurt. (T/F)

2.  Misunderstood. (T/F)

3.  Like “I don’t have to take this.” (T/F)

4.  Innocent of blame for the problem. (T/F)

5.  Like getting up and leaving. (T/F)

6.  Angry. (T/F)

7.  Disappointed. (T/F)

8.  Unjustly accused, (T/F)

9.  “My partner has no right to say those things.” (T/F)

10. Frustrated. (T/F)

11. Personally attacked. (T/F)

12. I wanted to strike back. (T/F)

13. I was warding off a barrage, (T/F)

14. Like I wanted to protect myself. (T/F)

15. I took my partner’s complaints as slights, (T/F)

16. My partner was trying to control me. (T/F)

17. My partner was very manipulative. (T/F)

18. Unjustly criticized. (T/F)

19. Like getting even. (T/F)

20. I wanted the negativity to just stop. (T/F)


Scoring: Add all of your “true” responses. Use a calculator to divide the sum by 20. Multiply the result by 100 to find your percentage. If you scored above 40%, you are currently experiencing Negative Sentiment Override.  We recommend you seek out professional help right away by contacting us today via email at or by phone at 913-390-3172.

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