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Intimate relationships have the potential for bringing great joy into our lives! Unfortunately the relationship we desire can often seem elusive; just beyond our reach. The key to creating an intimate, loving relationship is intentional loving; a commitment to knowing, understanding, and loving yourself and your partner on a moment by moment basis. Drawing from their extensive experience in working with couples, the Carters guide you through the process of applying the power of intention to the key components of intimate love relationships: Commitment, Mindfulness, Intimacy, Honesty, Integrity, Self-Responsibility, Self-Empowerment, Passion, and Purpose. Regardless of where you are on your relationship journey, applying intention to your relationship will prove worthy of transforming your most intimate love relationship. ($14.95)


Love With Intention
 by Patricia L & David J Carter

"I learned many things that were of benefit to my relationship. The Carter's do an excellent job of explaining relationships. The style of writing made me feel as if I were sitting in their living room just having a conversation."

 - Konni



One of the first steps in learning to make better decisions and improve your life circumstances involves becoming aware of your self-defeating thought patterns and how these patterns are affecting your everyday living. In this downloadable workbook, the Carters explain how to identify and dispute self-defeating thought patterns in a way adolescents can understand and practice. While designed for adolescents, this guide is also beneficial to adults! Eliminating self-defeating patterns and developing life-enhancing practices will help readers cope more effectively and maximize their potential!

Critical Thinking: A Guide for Teens           by Patricia L & David J Carter


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Anger Management
   by Patricia L & David J. Carter



We all experience anger, and anger affects our lives and choices in many different ways. In this workbook, the Carters challenge readers to not only develop coping strategies for managing anger, but also help you explore the thought processes, beliefs and perceptions that help create anger in the first place. You will find the information and exercises beneficial in helping you learn to manage all of your emotions more effectively, resulting in a healthier more fulfilling life!

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